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zombieslave's Journal

1 August 1974
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Alan Wilder

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My Favorite Artists THE PIZZ, Robert Williams, Coop, Gris Grimly, Big Daddy Roth

666, alan wilder, alice in wonderland, alien sex fiend, anne rice, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, astrology, babyland, bauhaus, beetlejuice, bela lugosi, betty page, bi god 20, black, blue velvet, bondage, cannibal ferrox, cannibal flesh riot, caskets, cemetaries, christopher walken, clan of xymox, coop, corsets, covenant, das ich, david bowie, david lynch, deadbolt, death, death in june, demonology, demons, depeche mode, dita von teese, dracula, dreams, ed "big daddy" roth, edward scissorhands, eraserhead, evil dead, exorcist, fetish, four rooms, fright night, front 242, frontline assembly, funkervogt, ghosts, goth, gothic, graveyards, gris grimly, halloween, hauntings, hearses, hellfire, hellraiser, hollywood, horror, house of 1000 corpses, icon of coil, joy division, kmfdm, labyrinth, london after midnight, lost boys, lost highway, marilyn manson, mesh, mulholland dr., my ruin, natural born killers, near dark, new order, night, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, nine inch nails, nosferatu, oh my goth, ozzy osbourne, pain, pale, pantera, paranormal, patricia arquette, pink floyd, pizz, powerman 5000, project pitchfork, prophecy, psychic vampires, pulp fiction, pvc, rakit, recoil, rob zombie, robert williams, robt. williams, run lola run, satanism, sepultura, serial killers, sex, shag, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skulls, sleepy hollow, souxsie, spiders, static x, stephen king, switchblade symphony, tairrie b, tattoos, terror, the addams family, the cure, the munsters, the pizz, the smiths, this mortal coil, thrill kill kult, tim burton, tim roth, tombstones, tool, trainspotting, twin peaks, vampires, velvet, violent femmes, vnv nation, whips, white zombie, wumpscut, young ones, zodiac, zombie porn, zombies