^V^THE QUEEN OF DECAY^V^ (zombieslave) wrote,

Well just incase anyone read my last entry...about assholes besides excuses are like assholes...Everyone has them and they all stink!!
After Emailing the jerk last night over 24 hours ago. He has not gotten back to me or called. Oh my Fucking Gawd!! He is so fawking over!! And supposedly he is coming to see me today!! Well i seriously doubt it. So fuck it all!!

Well on a better note...i have been offered to move into a house and pay only 400 a month. This fucking rocks. My aunt just bought the house its empty and she says i can live in it and go back to school!! So this is way cool!! I will still be in San Pedro just moving up the hill basically...right on the bottom of palos verdes...but i think its still pedro...*shrugs* so my day doesn't completely suck! hehe
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