^V^THE QUEEN OF DECAY^V^ (zombieslave) wrote,

I got all my materials...i was kinda happy because i got a digital camera and i was actually going to buy myself one for my birthday. Now i don't have to because its mine....Shit i'm paying $70,000.00 for it....

It kinda sucked last week...most of my classmates we have repeated classes together. But this one guy is fucking annoying and he trys to say something sarcastic everytime the teacher is teaching....I just wanna say shut the fuck up!

Worst of all he sits next to me in every class. So this week i have been playing musical chairs...Its not only that he annoys me but he Freakin smells....like he either doesn't wash his clothes or he comes straight from a dirty ass job. UUUUGGGHHH.....And if there is one thing i can't stand is things that smell i will start dry heaving if i focus on it too much...so i have been wearing my perfume a bit stronger so it drowns out his smell....To top it off he sits next to me Thurs in Computer class...he is constantly sucking snot. HE SNEEZES IN HIS HAND HE LOOKS AT HIS HAND AND SAYS EEEEWWWW....!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! i JUST ABOUT LOST IT!!
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