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So I have been nothing but busy!!!

Besides working the 40 hour work week. I am still attending school at night from 6-10pm. Now I have a new project coming up as to which we are making a film and I am working on the Set design. Its new and of course exciting. Will be painting a huge mural. It will be alot less stressful than the Wizard of Oz set as i had to do four different play sets all by myself for the ballet. This time i have a whole crew working with me. The way its supposed to be.

Still working on the zombie film script. But the only problem with that is the actual dialogue....LOL i know if i don't get someone to help me with that its going to turn into a major cheezy B FLICK...with porno dialogue...BOW CHICA WOW WOW!!!

And on top of all that still promoting for Gris Grimly an artist/director/illustrator out of Pasadena, CA.

His film Cannibal Flesh Riot Inspires me.....His budget is much higher than mine i am sure....way higher....check it out!!

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