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So I have been nothing but busy!!!

Besides working the 40 hour work week. I am still attending school at night from 6-10pm. Now I have a new project coming up as to which we are making a film and I am working on the Set design. Its new and of course exciting. Will be painting a huge mural. It will be alot less stressful than the Wizard of Oz set as i had to do four different play sets all by myself for the ballet. This time i have a whole crew working with me. The way its supposed to be.

Still working on the zombie film script. But the only problem with that is the actual dialogue....LOL i know if i don't get someone to help me with that its going to turn into a major cheezy B FLICK...with porno dialogue...BOW CHICA WOW WOW!!!

And on top of all that still promoting for Gris Grimly an artist/director/illustrator out of Pasadena, CA.

His film Cannibal Flesh Riot Inspires me.....His budget is much higher than mine i am sure....way higher....check it out!!

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Heya... I realize it's been AGES since we spoke (can't really recall, truth be told!), but you caught my eye with the line "...working on the zombie film script". I dabble in scriptwriting, and I'm also now starring in a horror movie, as well as becoming an associate producer... I've been looking for a writing partner, or at least someone to bounce ideas off of, or to help me with things like plot points, dialog, etc. I know, for myself, anyhow, that when I have someone to throw things around with, it's easier for me to work on my creative-type stuff... If you're interested in any help with your script, or if you'd like to maybe collaborate or whatever, email me at allthatblood@yahoo.com.

Also, I'm thinking about starting up a production company soon, once some funds start rolling in from the couple of movies I'm investing in, so I'll be looking for people to work with...

If you're intrigued at all, and just so you don't think I'm bullshitting you when I say I'm starring in a horror movie, check out http://www.fangoria.com/sweatshop for the trailer to the movie I'm in (I'm the masked killer... In the trailer, I'm the guy with the big welding mask), and check out http://www.myspace.com/sweatshopmovie, http://www.myspace.com/sweatshopbeast, and check the latest issue of Fangoria (#273) for an article on my buddies in the "Southern-fried Shockers" article (it includes a picture of me in costume as "THE BEAST" from SWEATSHOP)...

Let me know if you'd like to work together some time!!!